The stallions at Praiseworthy Farms not only have exquisite pedigrees and genes, they have good minds and personalities, which we believe are key to breed a quality horse. Our stallions are a mix of heavy Thee Desperado or potent outcross bloodlines.

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Salamat Al Jannat
سلامات الجنة

(Thee Infidel x Thee Asriel Salam) b. 2007


The main breeding stallion and one of the most treasured horses on the farm, Salamat boasts an amazingly shapely long neck, a exotic face, and long straight legs. His beautifully smooth gaits are a pleasure to ride, his canter similar to sitting in a rocking chair. He passes on these as well as his confidence and playful personality to his foals. Linebred to Thee Desperado, he will always be consistent with what he produces.


Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes Nominated Sire




JRS Al Shabah Alaswad
الشبح الأسود

(TDR White Stone x Alia Kateefa) b. 2010

His name meaning "The Black Phantom," Phantom is by two time USEF Horse of the Year award winner and reining champion TDR White Stone, whose pedigree is entirely free of Thee Desperado, The Minstril, and Ruminaja Ali. Phantom is a rabicano stallion with homozygous black genotype and will pass on this highly sought after coat color to many of his foals. 


Al Moutanabi

(The Singleton x S A Shuhira) b. 2009

Al Moutanabi or "Nabi" is a small stallion with a classic Kuhaylan strain build. With straight legs, a short compact head, and beautiful large eyes, Nabi has more than clean conformation and good looks in his favor. Calm and levelheaded, he is a pleasure to handle and work with. Nabi is a favorite with the Trausch family -- and the mares he flirts with! Nabi very strongly resembles his sire, The Singleton, a successful Egyptian Event sire who was exported to Kuwait; linebred to Thee Desperado.