What is a breeding program without its foals? The foals of Praiseworthy Farms have incredible potential as future breeding stock as well as personable companions for any person looking for a quality horse. Their potent bloodlines are sure to please whether for breeding, halter, performance, or simply as your dream horse.


All foals are available for sale. Inquiries accepted, buyer must provide 2 references for final sale to move forward.

Zil Al Kousouf

ظل الكسوف

(Scapa x The Eclipse RSA) b. 2015


Her registry name meaning "Shadow of the Eclipse", Tallulah is our most recent foal and displays the strengths of both her sire and dam. She takes strongly after her sire in both size, conformation, and temperament. Her alert movement and good looks will always please!



Laylat Al Qadr
ليلة القدر

(Salamat Al Jannat x The Eclipse RSA) b. 2014


Born on the holiest night of Ramadan with a black coat and crescent moon on her face the same shape as the moon that night, Layla is a very special horse. The first foal of Salamat Al Jannat, she has impressed us with her relaxed and confident personality and gorgeous looks. As she has aged, she has only become more exotic in the face. Her confidence and curiosity make her an excellent horse with much potential.



Dahinat Al Tabashir

(Scapa x Ibriizey Infidel) b. 2014


Dahinah is an absolute prize. The first foal bred in our program, she is full sister to champions MJ Scapas Victory, El Riyah Antar, and MJ Scapas Mist. She is unshown but has all the potential of her siblings. This filly absolutely loves cuddling and kissing people! Her tall frame and extremely sweet nature make her a unique individual not to be missed.