Located in the beautiful countryside of the Tennessee Valley in north central Alabama, Praiseworthy Farms is a family run breeding operation dedicated to breeding purebred Straight Egyptian Arabian horses. The Trausch family first got their start in the horse world back in the mid-2000's with the purchase of an Appaloosa mare for riding. They eventually found their way into the Straight Egyptian Arabian community of the Southeast U.S. through mutual friends and started the business with a gelding and a month old filly. The farm has expanded to include a broodmare band and several breeding stallions.

Please look around our web page and see if any of our horses interest you. While not all of them are listed as for sale, if there is one that catches your eye, make us an offer and we might negotiate a deal.

"The wind of heaven is that which blows through a horse's ears."

- Arabian Proverb

“Do you give the horse its strength or clothe its neck with a flowing mane? Do you make it leap like a locust, striking terror with its proud snorting? It paws fiercely, rejoicing in its strength, and charges into the fray."

- Job 39:19-21

The Arabian horse breed originated in the Middle East somewhere within the Fertile Crescent around 3,000 B.C. These horses were bred by the Bedouin nomads as war mounts and are famous for their incredible stamina, fiery spirit, and loyalty. The Arabian horse is one of the original breeds of horses from which all other horse breeds today are descended, and they have changed little since their origin.

The Straight Egyptian breed is a very select bloodline of Arabian horses which can be traced back to royal studs in Egypt. The breed came to be when Viceroy Muhammed Ali and his grandson Abbas Pasha I went out and amassed the finest horses of the Bedouin tribes within their stud. After the assassination of Abbas Pasha, the horses were scattered, some being sold to Europe while others remained at the stud with Ali Pasha Sherif. The Royal Agricultural Society (R.A.S.) was founded to preserve the disappearing breed and maintain a studbook, eventually becoming the Egyptian Agricultural Organization (E.A.O.). The pedigrees of all of the horses here at Praiseworthy Farms can be traced back to the R.A.S. or E.A.O. 

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